Personal Chef Club

“Taste Buds Delighted, Wallet Excited.”

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From: Michael at Twelve 31

Dear Friend,

It took a little begging! But the good news is Melissa, Twelve 31’s founder and head chef, is finally going to do a Personal Chef/Meal Plan Service!
Let me tell you about it… We’re calling it “Premio”.

Premio is not a typical meal plan program.
Four key ingredients set it apart.


We never skimp or try to cut corners and save money on ingredients. Ever!

Each meal has Melissa’s meticulous attention to detail.


Everything is prepared in our DHS-approved Commercial Kitchens.


Twelve 31 is a catering company that executes meals and events for hundreds of people at a time. Sometimes we do three weddings in a day! Melissa has been a chef for 20 years. Melissa is amazingly talented.

It is not a meal-planning service for anyone on a hardcore diet. Portion control and fresh ingredients… ABSOLUTELY. But TASTE and your ENJOYMENT are front and center.

“Taste Buds Delighted, Wallet Excited.”

We are not here to cook every meal for you. We’re way too busy for that! We don’t want to replace your homemade favorites or that restaurant you frequent. We want to help you just enough to give that variety and save you some time and money.

In fact… To be a Premio Member you only have to commit to TWO meals a week.

That’s it. Just Two Meals a Week.

How it works

When you sign up for Premio you get two meals a week for $24 per week billed automatically.
That’s $12 per meal. Each meal is made to serve one. You get charged every Friday and your meals are ready for pick up on Tuesday. We are currently offering our Spring Menu Starting on: March 21st, 2023.

EXCLUSIVE: It's not for everyone and we only take a small number of weekly clients.
If this seems like a great idea for you, we would love to have you.


Can I buy more than four meals per week?

Yes, you can take up two spots out of the ten. For example, maybe you and your significant other each have a spot.

Are these simple to heat up?

Yes! Reheating should take you about three to five minutes depending on the dish. Of course, you be the judge and check halfway through

If I have dietary preferences or needs, will I be OK with the variety?

Definitely check out the sample four week rotating menu and be 100% sure that you’ll be able to eat everything.

What is the cancel policy?

Easy. Just tell us no later than Thursday for the following week so we don’t prep your meals. Thats It…

I hope you’ll join us!
My Best, Michael